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Your IT Business Solution

YOUR needs?

You need a software implementation for your business but you know that the software packages available on the market won't fit your requirements because they are too generic, or simply, your business is very specific and you want a tailor made solution?

1. Our offer

Instead of starting from scratch, we suggest to start from our set of base components, which will be adapted to meet your needs.
As such, our base components are already in a usable state and can already be used directly.

The basic components available are:

  • Common modules (security, translation/multi-lingual, logging and database library)
  • Customers, suppliers and contact information management
  • Product management
  • Stock management
  • Invoicing
  • Project and task management

2. YOUR benefits

In addition to these components, we have developed our code generation system that provides the following benefits:

  • Short development time
  • Robust, readable code

The existing components as well as the generated ones are architectured around the latest Web 2.0 developments that delivers powerful while easy-to-use  web and/or mobile applications. Technically, we rely on robust open-source server technologies (MySql, PHP, Apache).

All in all, our approach allows us to deliver to our customers the right application at the right price.

If however you want a 100% custom-made application, we will be glad to develop it for you!

3. Contact us!

Click on this link info@swell-services.be to request more information.